What is CIIPro?

Welcome to the Chemical In vitro - In vivo Profiling (CIIPro) project. CIIPro is a cheminformatics web tool designed to link chemical features and in vitro biological data with targeted in vivo biological activity. It was designed and developed by the Zhu Research Group at Rutgers University in Camden, NJ.

How does CIIPro work?

CIIPro automatically extracts the relevant public bioassay data for target compounds, constructs their biological profiles, and calculates biological similarity. Currently the resulting biological profiles consist of biological assay data from PubChem only. Using CIIPro, the target compounds can be grouped based on their public bioassay testing results and compared to the target biological activity.

A more detailed tutorial can be found in the tutorial section. We are always looking for feedback on the improvement of the web portal. Please forward any feedback to danrusso@scarletmail.rutgers.edu.